musician / writer / student / dreamer

My name is Advait, and far far away in a dark and magical room, I sit and write music. I am a student, composer and keyboardist, and my music is best described as world fusion with a pop feel.

At one point, I spent a considerable amount of time making amateurish (but fun nonetheless) videos on my YouTube channel, I also have a bandcamp page. I have had an album out for a few years that you can read more about and listen to here.

My twitter account is @advaitsarkar and my facebook page is I have a posterous blog at, which is mirrored by my old blog on blogger. You can grab the rss feed if you want. I also have a fairly whimsical blog on tumblr.

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Official website for Advait Sarkar, the teenage world fusion pianist, keyboardist and composer. Lively, fun, soul-stirring world fusion music that bridges Classical, Rock, Latin, Pop, Jazz and Indian Folk.