About me

My name is Advait, and far far away in a dark and magical room, I sit and write music. I am a composer and keyboardist, and my music is best described as world fusion with a pop feel.

I was born on a lazy Saturday afternoon in 1991. It took very little time for me to discover my grandmother's little keyboard and start banging away on it. After a few years of listening to my amateurish noodlings, my parents enrolled me in piano lessons. After 10 years of lessons and a couple of exams, I realized that becoming a classical concert pianist was not the path I wanted to take.

I taught myself many of the riffs and techniques that I use today, and I constantly look for ways to improve my playing. I am inspired by the music and the philosophy of Yanni, and by the technical mastery of musicians such as Jordan Rudess. When I was 13, I taught myself a bit of the flute, so that I could play an instrument that I could carry around!

I first had thoughts about seriously pursuing music at the age of 11. Only when I was 15, writing the first songs that would appear in SoulPepper, was this idea cemented. I love giving pleasure to others through my music. It is a transcendental thrill.

I have since gained a loyal crew of listeners, for whom I am always grateful. I have composed two albums, and am focusing on writing music towards my third. My musical career is just beginning to blossom. Thank you all for your faith and support.

Official website for Advait Sarkar, the world fusion pianist, keyboardist and composer. Lively, fun, soul-stirring world fusion music that bridges Classical, Rock, Latin, Pop, Jazz and Indian Folk.