musician / writer / student / dreamer


I was born on a lazy saturday afternoon in September, 1991. It took very little time for me to discover my grandmother's little keyboard and start banging away on it. After a few years of listening to my amateurish noodlings, I finally started some formal training in 1996, at age 5. I did a couple of exams, and realized that it was not the path I wanted to take, and so stopped taking scheduled lessons altogether.

I taught myself many of the riffs and techniques that I use today, and I constantly look for ways to improve my playing. I look up to the likes of Jordan Rudess and Rick Wakeman for my inspiration. I also taught myself the flute at the age of 13 so that I could play an instrument that I could carry around!

I first had thoughts about seriously pursuing music at the age of 11. Only when I was 15, writing the first songs that would appear in SoulPepper, was this idea cemented. I love giving pleasure to others through my music. It is a transcendental thrill.

I have since performed at several venues and gained a loyal crew of listeners, for whom I am always grateful. I have composed lots and lots of music, both solicited and inspired, have scored a few plays, SoulPepper has been out for a year and has been received well, my second album is in the works, and the wonders of University do not cease to amaze me. My musical career has reached a new peak. Thank you all for your faith and support.

Official website for Advait Sarkar, the teenage world fusion pianist, keyboardist and composer. Lively, fun, soul-stirring world fusion music that bridges Classical, Rock, Latin, Pop, Jazz and Indian Folk.