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File Description
Firelight Night
(mp3 audio)
This song is all about energy. From the sprightly arpeggios of the piano to the head-bobbing rhythm of the tabla, this song speaks volumes of youthfulness and vigor.
Our Little Secret
(mp3 audio)
The full third song from SoulPepper.
Crush / Canon Medley
(mp3 audio)
Medley of Pachelbel's "Canon in D" and David Archuleta's "Crush". This has been made downloadable at high quality due to popular demand.
Jana Gana Mana
(mp3 audio)
A rendition of "Jana Gana Mana", the Indian national anthem.
Official website for Advait Sarkar, the teenage world fusion pianist, keyboardist and composer. Lively, fun, soul-stirring world fusion music that bridges Classical, Rock, Latin, Pop, Jazz and Indian Folk.